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KCASA Swimming Championships - Accepted Entries

11th February 2018


  1. Individual Event Programme
  2. Team Event Programme
  3. Qualifying Times
  4. Licensed Conditions

With apologies, it has been flagged up that there was a bug in the first version of the accepted entries which meant there was an error with the 50 Back for girls which resulted in most of the 14-year-olds being initially rejected. The ones that were missed in error have now been added. Please note that this only effects 50 Back for 14- year-old girls. Please apologise to them on my behalf for any upset caused, and the corrected lists are now on the links below.

As you all know, the racing starts next week. This year has broken new records for the number of swimmers entering. We are often criticised for having tough qualifying times, but every year the swimming community of Kent rises to the challenge. The freestyle events in particular, were heavily oversubscribed, 64% over on 50 Free for girls and 40% on the boys 50 Free.

Unfortunately, we can't cope with that volume of swimmers - even using 10 lanes at the LAC - and we have had to restrict the numbers based on the criteria in the conditions by 949. Had we been at Medway Park we would be rejecting around 2500 swims

If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing, lots of other swimmers have been disappointed, so please don't waste the space.

The updated accepted entry list for all the clubs is here, the list of refunds for swimmers that had consideration times, but didn't quite make it, is here. As you will see, the quality of swimming continues in Kent continues to be very high, and if you have been accepted that is a great achievement. If you are on the refund list please email the clubs bank details to Ian Howes (KCASA Treasurer).

We will circulate the disability swimmer acceptances to the relevant clubs in a separate email. It is a separate exercise and will be out very soon.

Now you know who is swimming we would like clubs to volunteer to host sessions. Please click here to contact Jean Scott to offer your services - if enough people help it's not too onerous. The county can't host events such as this without club support, and we would like to thank everyone in advance for all the help they will be giving over the next few weeks.

Good Luck everyone

Alan Davidson
on behalf of KCASA Swimming Committee

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