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Short and Long Course record times shall be recognised by KCASA for Masters and Senior swimmers for 50m, 100m and 200m in all strokes, 400m, 800m and 1500m Freestyle, 100m, 200m and 400m Individual Medley events. Short Course records may be made in pools not less than 25 metres in length but less than 50 metres. Long Course records may be made in pools of 50 metres or 55 yards in length.  The start and finish shall be at the end of the pool. 


Applicants for Masters records shall be at least 25 years and for Seniors at least 18 years on the day of the swim for which the record time is claimed.


All applicants shall be qualified in accordance with the requirements for entry to Kent Masters and Seniors Championships in accordance with Championship Condition M1, and shall have made the record whilst competing as a member of a club affiliated to the association.


All records shall be made in still water. Any movement of the water due to the normal operation of the filtration system shall be disregarded.


A record may only be made in a designated Masters and Seniors competition as follows: International (defined for this purpose as World, Commonwealth, Grand Prix and Continental (eg European) competition; at events outside England, Scotland or Wales which are included in the LEN or FINA Calendars; at National or Regional Championships/Competitions; at Kent County Championships or at meets held in England, Scotland and Wales.  It may also be achieved as a declared first leg in a relay or as an unpaced individual race against time under the laws of the governing body for swimming of the country in which it is held provided that the date and venue have been advertised as such before the day of the event.


Officials shall be on the current list of officials appropriate to the locality of the swim and in accordance with the appropriate National/FINA Rules. In England they shall be appointed as required by the ASA Laws and Technical Rules governing Masters and Seniors competitions.


The time shall be taken by automatic judging and timing equipment approved by the governing body concerned, if it is available, or by a minimum of two timekeepers.


The responsibility for claiming a record, other than in Kent Championships, where all times achieved will be inspected by the Swimming Manager to check whether a record has been established, rests with the swimmer.  In all other cases the swimmer claiming a record shall, within 28 days of the performance, make application on the official form, obtainable from the Swimming Manager.  A copy of the official results sheet showing the record claimed should accompany the application form. The Swimming Manager shall make acknowledgement of all record applications to the applicant within 5 days of receipt.


Records achieved shall be reported to the Swimming Committee by the Masters Swimming Manager, who shall check the details and if confirmed notify the new holders of all records.  A statement of the records achieved and notified to the swimmers shall be reported to the Management Committee in the minutes of the Swimming Committee.


A certificate shall be awarded in respect of each new Kent County Masters and Seniors record. Where a new record is established in an event and subsequently broken again in the same event on the same occasion each performance shall be recognised as a Kent County record and a certificate awarded.

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