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Registration form for delegates as specified below

Please note that this form should not be used to register a delegate for an affiliated club or association.  This form is only valid for the following categories of Kent Count ASA membership:  President, Vice President, Past President, Honorary Life Member, Officer (Chairman/Treasurer/General Secretary), Management Committee Member, Discipline/Other Manager, Appointed Role Holder,

Providing you fulfil at least one of the criteria above, to be eligible to vote you will need to complete your name and contact details, and confirm your delegate category using the drop-down menu.  Remember that you only have one vote irrespective of the number of categories you might be able to claim - it's up to you to chose the one that you prefer!

If you are not sure about a category, use the 'About us' dropdown on the main menu bar above.

Then, use the 'Handbook' tab to check names of Honorary Members and Past Presidents (under 'Officers'), and the 'Management' tab to check names of Management Committee members, discipline/other managers, and appointed role holders

Please note that clicking the 'submit' button confirms that the information above complies with the conditions identified in this form, and that all details have been checked and are accurate as the email address submitted will be used to send Zoom joining details a minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Human check

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