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Kent Junior League

Please note that the Kent website is hosting Kent Junior League Results as a courtesy service and that KCASA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of any results. In the case of queries, etc please contact the organisers either the KJL Secretary: kjlresults@gmail.com or KJL Chairman: chairman@tonbridgeswimmingclub.co.uk.  Please note that any emails directed to the KCASA will not be responded to.

As advised to all participating clubs, the Kent Junior League 2021 is running just two rounds this year as follows:

  • Round 1:  Sat 4 September to Sun 26 September - being run virtually in own pool time in window
  • Round 2:  Sat 20 November-  planned to be face-to-face

There are no promotion or demotions for 2021 and the league currently consists of the following teams:

Division 1:

  1. Thanet A
  2. RTW Monson A
  3. Sevenoaks A
  4. Bromley
  5. Beckenham
  6. Greenwich Royals
  7. Black Lion
  8. Bexley
  9. Maidstone
  10. Saxon Crown
  11. Kent Weald SS

Division 2:

  1. Orpington OíJays
  2. Sevenoaks B
  3. Thanet B
  4. Herne Bay
  5. Erith
  6. Dartford
  7. Edenbridge Piranhas
  8. Folkestone
  9. Hythe

New Applicants:

If you are a Kent club and wish to enter a team into KJL please email the KJL Secretary: kjlresults@gmail.comor KJL Chairman: chairman@tonbridgeswimmingclub.co.uk

Existing Clubs to Declare by 26September 2021:

All existing clubs participating in KJL 2021 are required to complete the KJL Annual Return and Declaration form and email it to back to kjlresults@gmail.com by 26 September 2021.

Programme of events and how to enter Round 1 2021:

All teams must complete team declarations and submit their results for Round 1 to kjlresults@gmail.com using the single sheet in the link below by Tuesday 28 September, and which also details the events being swum.

Eligibility rules and limits on number of swims are unchanged and can be found by clicking the KJL Rules 2021 link below: 

Paperwork teams will need for Kent Junior League galas:

  1. All teams will need to declare their teams in advance to their hosts using this Team Sheet.  Note if the gala is to be licensed to level 3 (eg if AOE is available and appropriate level of officials are available) all swimmers will need to be Cat 2 registered by the time the gala takes place.
  2. Any changes to previously declared swimmers will need to be provided to the hostís recorder at least 10 minutes before warm up using this Change of Swimmer Form.  Any changes thereafter are at Refereeís discretion (ie for good reasons) and must have the refereeís signature and then be handed to your host teamís recorder.
  3. Gala hosts (only) will be provided the gala recording excel which allows them to import the declared teams, run the gala and produce the file required to be sent to Rankings.  The results will require to be health checked and verified by the KJL Executive prior to submission.

KJL 2022:

Dates for KJL 2022 are likely to be three of the following (avoiding NAJSL, NASLS and Kent Champs dates):

  • Sat 19 February
  • Sat 19 March
  • Sat 9 July
  • Sat 17 September or Sat 24 September or Sat 1October

Archived Results

Click here to download the file

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