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Disability/Para Swimming

Swimming is an inclusive sport and this means that ensuring that both non-disabled and disabled swimmers have access to the same opportunities to participate. Whatever people's ability, every club, pool operator and swimming teacher wants to provide the best opportunities for swimmers.  For more information on what's going on in Kent, contact Steve Hunter - KCASA Disability/Para Swimming Manager


The Swim England and British Swimming websites have plenty of information on disability and para-swimming, including:

Swim South East produces a Para-Swimming newsletter with plenty of general and specific information.  London Swimming also carries useful information on their web pages.


Para Swimming: this term applies to swimmers with disabilities who are club members and competing at any level in disability events.

Disability Swimming: this term applies to people with disabilities who swim for fitness, recreation, rehabilitation, etc.

Disability Swimming may also be known as swimming for people with disabilities - both terms are deemed to be appropriate and it is up to the individuals to decide which term is preferred.

Talent ID toolkit

British Para Swimming provides a Disability Swimmer ID Toolkit to help identify the potential of swimmers with a disability and their ability level in order to signpost them to the best opportunities for their development. Developed by disability swimming officers from the Home Nations, this simple and straightforward resource can be used by schools, swimming teachers, coaches, parents and swimming coordinators. The aim of the Toolkit is not to simply find the most talented swimmers but to identify swimmers at all levels and give them the opportunity to access the disability swimming pathway and progress.

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