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Information Update - 2023 Kent County Swimming Championships

30th November 2022

Please find below all that is required to enter the 2023 championships - more detail on timings and spectator entry will follow once all the entries are in.

A note to clubs that no payment of entry fees is required at time of submitting entries.

There are 2 electronic entry files - one for 800/1500m at K2 Crawley with a closing date for these entries of 5 January. The second is for the remainder of events to be held at the LAC with a closing date of 18 January. Contact Jean Scott for the files - Jean.Scott@kentswimming.org

Electronic entries will be made using Sportsystems - Entry Manager rev2 will need to be installed - a Personal Key will be needed to use SS Entry Manager - once installed there is a 'Help' section which advises how to enter swimmers.

Please note the Sportsystem file is for individual entries only. Unlike many entry files, the times cannot be edited.

To enter swimmers, open the entry file, ensure you have your clubs swimmer file downloaded. For speed enter all of 1 gender, then all the other gender.

Find the swimmer, then press Get Times.

You can then save the entire file, or delete entries then press save. If you accidentally delete, you need to press Get Times again.

Coach application forms - please complete and send to John KIng.

We are delighted to have a swim shop at the LAC for 2023 - SwimPath - championship merchandise is available to order now - details here

Any queries/questions please make these via your club in the first instance.

Jean Scott

Promoter 2023 Kent County Swimming Championships

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