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Kent Swimming Championships
22nd - 23rd January 2022

Swimming Officials J2 Session 2 Workshop
24th January 2022 19:00 - 21:00

Swimming Officials J2S Session 2 Workshop
26th January 2022 19:00 - 21:00

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Kent Championships 2022 - Latest News (16/1/22)

Thank You

First of all, thank you to all the entry secretaries that pulled together their club entries, and dealt with all the queries.

This year has set many challenges, and the championships will be quite a bit different from other years. Many will think it could be done better, but all the decisions made have been a balance of many conflicting priorities, everyone has their own perspective, its the committees job to attempt to put a fair and well run championships despite being in the middle of a pandemic, under Plan B restrictions.


To remind everyone, the championship conditions include consent for streaming. We are planning to stream the event in accordance with British Swimming guidance. Please remind your swimmers of this.

Accepted Entries

The accepted entry list for all the clubs is here, the multi-classification list is here, the list of refunds for swimmers that had consideration times, but didn't quite make it, is here. As you will see, the quality of swimming continues to be very high in Kent, and if you have been accepted that is a great achievement. For clubs on the refund list please email the clubs bank details to the treasurer ian.howes@kentswimming.org

There are 7 age groups over 2 genders, and all but 1 (10/11 Boys) are well represented. As a reminder QT's are set by averaging previous Kent swimmers performances over the 4 years prior to the entry window. They are not set to be hard for Kent!

If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing, lots of other swimmers have been disappointed, please don't waste the space.


Kent Championships 2022 Event hoodies and swim hats have been commissioned and are available to order here,

Results Website

The Championship results website is here

Host Clubs (at Dover)

Now you know who is swimming we would like clubs to volunteer to host sessions. Please click here to contact me to offer your services, if enough people help, it's not too onerous. The county can't host events such as this without club support, and we would like to thank everyone in advance for all the help they will be giving over the next few weeks.

Rather than bombard you with information alongside accepted entries, there will be further venue specific information over the next few days.

Dover pool informed us of poolside restrictions that we need to work within on the 12th January, the closing date for entries last week. It's too much for this email, and would delay the release of the accepted entries. So please watch out for the next email.

Things may change over the next 3 weekends, so please ensure you check the website every week.

Good Luck everyone.

Licensed Conditions

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