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Kent County Amateur Swimming Association
Kent County
Amateur Swimming Association

ASA National Open Water Festival 2018

Unfortunately the Masters competition was cancelled on the day in 2018 due to very poor weather conditions.
Kent swimmers' results have been summarised above, the full results can be accessed here
The age groups competition was attended by 12 Kent swimmers:  

8  from Thanet Swim Club:
Maisie Macartney 1st, Oscar Macartney 7th, Maddy Lay 13th, Will Reeves 13th, Lily Jewell 14th, Alana Wright 15th, Ben Millington 17th and Oli Pope 32nd.

4 from Beckenham Swimming Club:
Tiegan Child 2nd, David Langley 6th, Scarlett Callaghan 12th, Phillipa Carver 16th

ASA National Open Water Festival 2017

Six Masters swimmers, eleven age group swimmers and a 2K Challenge team from Bexley competed at the Rother Valley Country Park over the weekend of 30-31 July 2017.  With the water temperature rising to 18.4C, the big question was ... wetsuit or no wetsuit!  There was some super swims with Bexley winning the new Team 2K Challenge event and all the Masters finishing with top three placings.  Not to be outdone, the age group swimmers finished with five top ten results, made more difficult by the large number of competitors.  Kent swimmers' results have been extracted below, but the full results can be accessed here

Swimmer Time Age Group Placing by Age Group Gender Placing by Gender Club
Team 2K Challenge
Bexley Swimming Club 00:19:55.25 All Ages 1 Mixed 1 Bexley

1.5K Masters Open Water Championship
Danielle Ryan 00:21:46.49 30-34 3 Female 9 Black Lion
Bernard Stone 00:23:45.95 60-64 2 Male 28 RTW Masters
Kim Fenner 00:24:03.62 45-49 2 Female 19 RTW Masters 
Francine Davis 00:27:45.51 45-49 3 Female 33 Edenbridge
Shelley Robinson 00:31:07.22 65-69 1 Female 37 Sevenoaks

3K Masters Open Water Championship
Bernard Stone 00:48:00.45 60-64 3 Male 38 RTW Masters
Graham Ling 01:03:04.42 70-74 3 Male 45 Hythe Aqua

1.5K Age Group Open Water Championship
Charley Langford 00:18:24.86 14 Years 6 Male 6 Thanet Swim
Ben Millington 00:19:22.95 13 Years 10 Male 32 Thanet Swim
Emily Watts 00:20:00.49 13 Years 14 Female 32 GreenwichRoyals
Oscar Miles 00:20:08.49 13 Years 23 Male 50 Thanet Swim
David Langley 00:20:36.57 12 Years 7 Male 62 Bexley
Conor Wright 00:21:52.02 13 Years 35 Male 88 Thanet Swim

3K Age Group Open Water Championship
Tiegan Child 00:37:02.50 15 Years 2 Female 3 Beckenham
Olivia Miles 00:38:19.80 15 Years 6 Female 10 Thanet Swim
Lily Jewell 00:42:01.74 15 Years 21 Female 35 Thanet Swim

5K Age Group Open Water Championship
Samuel Crabtree 00:58:28.50 17/18 Years 4 Male 8 Thanet Swim
Benjamin Strover 01:00:16.96 17/18 Years 14 Male 21 Orpington Ojays

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