List of Accepted Entries

Link to Travel Guidance

Thank you to all the clubs that have entered the Development gala, almost all the clubs in Kent have an entry.

We have a full program of events excluding 400m and longer events. We also have relays. This gala will allow the swimmers to challenge themselves against similar swimmers from across the county. 

We have much of the organisation under control, and thanks to everyone helping out. Maidstone have kindly offered to operate the door on both days. We have officials from across Kent helping out, and the Kent Swimming Committee is helping throughout the gala.

We could do with a bit more help though. In particular on the medals table, and in marshalling. We would also be grateful if an announcer could offer help, particularly on Session 3 (Sunday morning)

Please contact John King (, to offer your services,  he is co-ordinating helpers.

For many this could be a first visit to Medway Park.  A link to directions is here. Parking is refunded at the door to a maximum of 4 hours, so you may need to pop out at the session intervals to redo your parking. Note the centre cannot refund parking if you use Ringo to pay. Parking wardens check the car park often!

We hope it's a great event and the swimmers/parents/helpers have a great time.