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Separated Hands and Masters Butterfly

19th June 2014

This week, an attempt to clear up a couple of items relating to the FINA Rules which rear their head from time to time.

Separated Hands

Rule SW7.6 for Breaststroke and SW8.4 for Butterfly both state that “At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated....”.

These are the only mentions of separated hands in the rules for these two strokes and therefore this is the only point of the race at which it applies.

A FINA interpretation of “separated” has previously been published and circulated, and can be found here.

Masters’ Butterfly

Rule MSW3.9 states that “A breaststroke kicking movement is permitted for butterfly” and covers the restrictions if such a movement is used.

It does not give any restriction on the use of a mixture of such a movement in combination with an accepted butterfly/dolphin kicking movement during a race.

I realise there will be an element of “preaching to the converted” in this and would therefore also like to once again request your assistance in encouraging your officiating colleagues who have not already done so to sign up for Swimming Officials News at https://www.swimmingresults.org/officialsnews/

Many thanks

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