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Officiating Opportunity - LEN European Masters Championships

1st May 2016

The organisers of the forthcoming LEN Masters Swimming Championships have asked me to circulate the following message:

Dear Swimming Officials

The organisers of the LEN Masters Swimming Championships are aware of a number of officials who would be interested in officiating at this event but have not applied because they could not either;

a) attend the Officials Briefing on Tuesday 24th May or

b) be available for all of any particular days.

In order to allow as many suitably qualified officials (minimum licensed Judge Level 1) as possible the opportunity to officiate at this event, whilst it is clearly desirable for all officials to attend the main briefing, flexibility will be given where attendance is not possible. A briefing pack will be prepared and any updated information given upon the official’s attendance.

Due to the structure of the event there will not be separate sessions as we are normally accustomed to, swimming will be continuous throughout the day probably from 7:30am until the end in the evening. Officials will operate in ‘shifts’ so whilst the preference is for full day attendance consideration will be given to any officials who may only be able to offer a few hours during the day.

If following this additional information, you are able to assist please reply as soon as possible and by 1st May at the latest.

We look forwards to welcoming you to the most popular LEN Masters Championships ever staged.

The event will take place from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th May at the London Aquatic Centre. If you wish to apply to officiate at the event please complete the attached form and send it to helen.akers@swimming.org. If you have not officiated at a National event previously, please also complete and return the supplementary form. If you have already applied, there is no need to reapply.

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