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Nominations open for the Masters Cherriman Award

17th May 2015

Would you like to recognise the people in your swimming life who have done something good for Masters swimming in the last year?

The Vivienne and Leonard Cherriman Award is made annually to ‘the person or organization who or which has done the most to promote and foster the cause of Masters swimming in Great Britain.’

Nominations are being sought by the British Masters Committee until 17 May in time for the award to be presented at the 2015 British Masters Championships in Manchester.

Nominations are welcomed from all areas of England, Scotland and Wales. Nominees should explain to the committee why they think their nominee should receive this award and will need to think about the following questions:

  • How has this person or organisation promoted Masters swimming? (This may have been through coaching, volunteering, providing a service to Masters or any activity that has made a difference to Masters swimming).
  • How has this person or organisation fostered the cause of Masters? (This could include anything the person has done which has improved the image of Masters, helped people understand what Masters is about or made the Masters community more enjoyable).
  • Give some specific details if possible. (Where has this activity taken place, how many people have been affected, or how has it altered individuals’ lives? Why should this person receive the award over others? How long have they been doing this? How much time does it take?)

The committee will not normally give the award to a person who is working in a paid capacity for this Master’s activity.

Some examples of nominations could be:

  • Someone who has promoted Masters at a local level, perhaps putting on a new Masters gala. They may have even done this for many years without recognition.
  • Someone who makes sure masters records are up to date in your Region/county, never missing a meet or a persons record.
  • A coach who has built a Masters squad over many years or has encouraged Masters swimmers to progress to high standards despite the odds.
  • Someone who acts as your Masters Team manager and always makes sure you are all in the right place and the right time. Maybe making sure you claim records and don’t get disqualified.
  • This could even be a role model for other Masters swimmers. Someone who always turns up for training, encourages everyone else, competes even though they may never get a medal, and may have had to overcome the odds to stay swimming.
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