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Medals for the final weekend of the swimming championships

15th February 2022

I have now been through the results from last Sunday.  As a result, we are holding the following podium medals:


100m Butterfly Lola Burns 16 Gold

100m Butterfly Jago Daley Allison 12 Gold

50m Backstroke Jeremiah Carnegie 13 Gold

100m Backstroke Thomas Love 12 Bronze

100m Backstroke Jeremiah Carnegie 13 Bronze

100m Backstroke James Cleaver 17 Bronze

50m Butterfly Jada Yankey 10/11 Bronze

50m Butterfly Lola Burns 16 Bronze

50m Butterfly Jeremiah Carnegie 13 Bronze

50m Butterfly James Cleaver 17/O Gold


50m Butterfly Tom Hawkins 15 Bronze

Black Lion

50m Butterfly George Goodwin 13 Gold


50m Butterfly Samuel Lander 16 Bronze

50m Butterfly Joseph Dobb 17/O Silver


50m Butterfly George Wise 17/O Bronze

Greenwich Royals

50m Butterfly Charlie Braid 10/11 Gold

50m Butterfly Hayden Sanders 10/11 Silver

50m Butterfly Caspar Nalepa 13 Silver


50m Butterfly William Sereki 12 Gold

50m Butterfly Lanre Dada 12 Silver

50m Butterfly Ralph Sereki 14 Silver

Medway Maritime

50m Butterfly Oliver Beckwith 12 Bronze

Orpington OJAYS

50m Butterfly Samuel Ryan 16 Gold

RTW Monson

100m Butterfly Haydn Annan 15 Bronze

50m Butterfly Emilia Oliver 14 Gold

%0m Butterfly Aran Bissett 14 Gold

50m Butterfly Max El Mokadem 14 Bronze


50m Butterfly Evelyn Fornasier 10/11 Silver

50m Butterfly Charlie Duan 15 Gold


100m Butterfly Liam Hamp 16 Silver

50m Butterfly Liam Hamp 16 Silver


100m Backstroke Caitlin Ebbage 17 Gold

50m Butterfly Ruben Cowley Antelo 15 Silver

White Oak

50m Butterfly Jake Mok 10/11 Bronze

All other medals will have been sorted on the last Sunday afternoon and collected by the individual swimmers or the Club¹s coaches or team manager but if there are any podium medals missing after you have checked within your Club please email me as soon as possible and by no later than Monday 21st February and we can arrange for engraved medals to be produced.

The podium medals we hold are now ready for distribution in the bags we had ready at the Championships.

So far as finalist medals are concerned I have placed finalist medals for all events last Sunday in the bags so there should be plenty of spares for each Club - please do not send me requests for finalist medals until you have distributed all the medals in the bags, unless you are from any of the following Clubs where no further medals appear to have been awarded on the final day of the Championships:

  • Ashford School
  • Herne Bay
  • Sittingbourne & Milton

I am therefore ready to start distributing the medals to each Club ­most of these will arranged after the County Management Committee Meeting on 24 February when we can share the medals bags round the Committee members nearer the Clubs outside the London Kent area. If you want to collect any of the bags in the meantime or have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me on john.handley@kentswimming.org

Once again, many thanks for your patience

John Handley

Medals Secretary

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