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KCASA Swimming Championship fourth weekend info and warm-up times

10th February 2019

Championships 2019

(License 1SE190347,1SE190348, 1SE190349,1SE190350)

On to the final individual weekend at Crystal Palace, its form strokes again this weekend. Please forward this to your coaches, swimmers and parents.

The first point as with last weekend is If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing, lots of other swimmers have been disappointed, please don't waste the space. We had fewer withdrawals than last year, so thank you.

Medal Presentations

The medal presentations went down very well again last weekend. Its HDW for 200's and finals for 100's this weekend, please ensure you attend the presentations at the end of each session if you are 1,2 or 3. It's a great achievement to make the final, never mind the podium. Swimmers train harder than most other sports, and rarely have podium opportunities, so make sure you enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Coach Refreshments

This year, coaches with poolside passes will be able to join the officials for food at the break down in the green room, down the stairs opposite the gym.


Warm-down is available in all sessions.

In the unfortunate event that withdrawal is necessary (remember there are many swimmers that could have taken the space in most events), You must withdraw before the warmup starts . Please withdraw at the medal table.

Crystal Pace Event
Crystal Palace are holding an open event on Saturday from 11 am, showcasing future plans for the venue. So we expect a few more visitors. We have contacted the management team, and they have confirmed the Top- Car Park (yellow gate with a height limiter)will be open all weekend, so would suggest attendees use that unless you have a high vehicle. All parking in the park is free

Most of the area in the last few miles around Crystal Palace seems to be 20mph speed restrictions,, so please allow enough time. If you are unfamiliar with Crystal Palace , here is a link to the map You should enter from the western side of the park via Anerley Hill.

Coach Passes
Many coach passes have been issued, the remainder will be at the entrance desk

Warm- UP Times
The warm-up times for weekend 4 are below:


For those of you that haven't been to Crystal Palace, it's a bit colder poolside than most pools, so ensure you have suitable warm clothing for poolside.

11 Year Old Development Pathway

Many thanks to all those who attended the Workshop last weekend. Just to clarify the Camps are all on Sundays namely 28th April, 7th July, and 27th October.

John Handley is emailing a copy of the presentation slides to all those who have contacted him. If you have not received it or you would like a copy please email him on john.handley@kentswimming.org'

Results Website

You can follow the results here


Good Luck everyone.

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on behalf of KCASA Swimming Committee 

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