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2024 Kent Swimming Championships - important safeguarding information

5th March 2024


  • As per WavePower 2024, mobile phones should not be used in changing rooms under any circumstances. This includes while swimmers are lining up for their races.
  • Any swimmers that are caught with their phones out will have broken the code of conduct and will be asked to put their phone away immediately. They will be reported to both the centre staff and a senior member of the events team who will decide if any further action should be taken.
  • Taking, or attempting to take, a photo or video in this area is automatically considered a safeguarding concern. Any swimmer that is seen or suspected to have done so, will be reported immediately to a senior member of the events team and the centre staff. A report will also be made to the Swim England National Safeguarding team, who will investigate further.
  • The events team and centre staff reserve the right to remove swimmers from the venue who do not follow rules regarding the use of mobile phones.


  • Swimmers are reminded that for safeguarding reasons, they should only use the toilets located within the changing area.
  • Swimmers are not permitted to use any toilets outside the changing area for changing


  • Swimmers should be fully dressed in a top, bottoms, and shoes at all times.
  • Please remind swimmers that they should walk, not run, around the centre, to avoid injuring themselves or others.


  • Only coaches and TMs with the correct (visible) pass, and competitors, are permitted to be within the swimmer’s half of the gallery, changing rooms and poolside.
  • To ensure appropriate supervision, swimmers are only permitted within these areas during the sessions that they are competing within and should arrive no more than 45 minutes before their scheduled warm up time. Until this time, they remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians.


  • Swimmers must take off all tops, bottoms and shoes in the changing area before entering the poolside.
  • No mobile phones are permitted under any circumstances in the training pool. The rules as to incorrect use of mobile phones in the training pool will apply in the same manner as for their use in the changing village

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